Best Places To Live In London

It can be really hard to judge the area of London you’d like to base yourself in if you’ve never visited before, or just arrived, so if you’re having trouble working it all out then I’ve got it covered in my London suburb guide below – which includes the areas generally regarded to be the best places to live in London.To give a general overview of the city – London is divided into North and South of the river, and then further by postcode. For example, Clapham is located south of the river and it’s post code is South West 4, or SW4 as it’s written.

One thing to bear in mind is the general price differences between North and South of the river – generally the North is a lot more expensive as it’s usually more popular with families and ‘well off’ people living in grand houses. But that’s not to say that the South can’t get ridiculously expensive too!

Choosing A Place To Live In London

Your best bet is to find a few areas that you like then look for a house/ flat/room within your price range in those places. And always trust your instincts when viewing places – if it doesn’t feel right or you can’t imagine yourself walking home alone at night then don’t move there. There’s loads of places in London to rent so you’ll definitely find the right one if you keep looking – and you’ll always know which one is ‘the one’ when you see it!

Rents vary greatly even within a suburb depending on the quality of the property, and the number of people you live with, if you are looking for a flatshare.  A studio flat for example is going to be considerably more expensive than a room in a 4 bedroom house in the same location – so take this into account when looking. This is great news though as it means you could potentially live somewhere in zone 1 sharing with 4 or 5 others for as little as it might cost you to live in a 2 bed in zone 3. You just need to shop around to find the right one for you.

Best Places To Live In London North Of The River

Best Places To Live In London South Of The River

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