Cheap London Flights

London is a major travel hub not only in Europe, but the world, which means more choice for travellers and more affordable airfares. Always a good combination! Your flight to London may well be the biggest expense of your move, so it pays to do your research and be aware of some of the tricks of the trade that have helped me to consistently search for and find lots of cheap London flights.

Here is your best way of finding cheap London flights:

  • Use sites such as skyscanner, Kayak and Opodo which search almost all airline carriers for the cheapest deals to London. This helps you to quickly get an idea of the airlines which may have cheap London flights at the time you are looking to travel, so you can then go away and search that particular company website to see if there are any further sales
  • Be flexible on the dates you want to fly – even a few days could make a couple of hundred pounds difference! As a general rule December and January are the most expensive times to fly, with march being the cheapest. July and August may also be more expensive as these are the summer months in London and it’s the peak tourist season. Have a play around with various dates that work for you to find the cheapest flights.
  • Check your baggage allowance to make sure you have enough for your luggage. Some cheap flights may sacrifice on baggage in order to give you the best fare, so if you are planning on taking a lot of luggage with you, be sure to read the fine print before you book.
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