How To Find A Job In London

Wondering how to find a job in London? You’ve come to the right post! There are many job avenues to explore in the UK, and when you first arrive it can be difficult to work out exactly how you should go about how to find a job in London. You might even be reading this in your planning for moving to London, so I’ve also touched on ways to land a job from home within this section.

First things first though, no matter what kind of job you’re applying for, you’re going to need to brush up your CV (they don’t say ‘resume’ in the UK, so get practising!) and get it London job-ready. The format of a UK CV can differ from other countries around the world, so you’ll need to spend some time editing it and making it as eye catching as possible. Sites such as Monster have templates you can use to get started.

Once your CV is up to scratch, you’re ready to job hunt!

Tips on How To Find A Job In London


Company Transfers

If you are still at home planning your move to London and you work for a multi-national company with an office in London then you might be able to organise a company transfer. This is likely to be easier for those in banking/finance or professional/administrative roles as there is such demand for people in these areas in London. A lot of companies have international transfer programmes, so it’s worth speaking to your manager about your options.

Register with a Recruitment Agency/ Job Site

If you’re now living in London, then your first port of call is to set up a profile on Monster – all HR departments of large companies search for new candidates here so you want to get in on that action. Also, if you’re not already on linked in, sign yourself up and look for the companies you are interested in working for and get in touch. Finding a job in London is very much about networking, so leverage your relationships and get yourself noticed. If you dont happen to know many people here that’s ok too – just make sure you create a good first impression if you make a call to someone you are interested in working for.

Once your CV has been on Monster for a couple of days you will no doubt have loads of recruitment agents contacting you, so you can begin to shortlist ones with the best jobs and focus on those. Always connect with these recruiters on linked in and create a good relationship with them – you never know when you might need them in the future! And, if you know a lot of people over here you can earn yourself some money by referring them for any open jobs. Easy money!

Register With A Specialised Agency/Network

If you are in a specialised area like medical or teaching, then you should reach out to specialist recruiters in these areas. These professions may also fall under the public sector, so government websites like National Health Service Jobs or Government Jobs Direct might be where you start your search.

Read Job Sections In Newspapers/Websites

Thousands of jobs are advertised in newspapers every day in London, with the Guardian being the leader. They have a great website with all of their advertised jobs listed also, so be sure to check it out on your job hunt.

If you are looking for jobs like bar work or cleaning then Gumtree is a good place to start. As well as these kinds of jobs there are loads of weird and wonderful jobs advertised, so you never know, you might find your calling!

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