Recently it was reported that the average cost of a meal for two in London has risen to 70 pounds – not a great headline when people are being more frugal than ever in order to make ends meet. But, if you’re like me, you love eating out – so what has to give? Is this figure realistic, and how the hell can you find a way to live cheaper in the UK capital without sacrificing your weekly meal out?

The good news is that now more than ever there are more discount deals being advertised – from restaurant website Toptable, to Groupon and KGB deals – if you are prepared to take the time to plan a meal out and do your research online, then you can really get some great bargains, and come in way below the cities average.

In my 6 years living here I’ve come up with some inventive ways of saving money when eating out, and I’d like the share them with you – in this time of austerity we have to do our best to help each other out, right?

Stay Away From The Tourist Traps

It should go without saying that eating right in the middle of Leicester Square or Piccadilly Circus is probably going to ridiculously expensive – and not the best food London has to offer either! This doesn’t mean you have to stay away from the West End, just head to the back streets as that’s where you’ll find some great foodie hangouts at a fraction of the cost.

Sign Up To Deal Websites

Sites like Groupon, Living Social and KGB deals have daily deals sent out to your inbox, and each day there are a number of food and drinks deals, so this is a great way to save your pennies but still enjoy a meal out every week.

Toptable First, Walk In Second

Toptable has become my new best friend. I rarely eat out now without finding a great value deal, and whats even better, you can book online and earn points for your restaurant reviews – and once you have a certain amount you get a free meal – pretty thrifty hey?!


There are a number of restaurants in London that are Bring Your Own booze, and this is another great way to be frugal when eating out  after all, alcohol is probably one of the most expensive parts of eating out, so if you can reduce this cost you can relax and enjoy a great meal out with your mates. My favourite BYO restaurant in Mien Tay, an authentic Vietnamese restaurant which has branches in Battersea and Kingsland Rd – the food is delicious too, I pretty much go there every week!

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