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There are so many different kinds of jobs in London, there is bound to be something exactly right for you. Whether you want to take a step up in your career, or downscale to a part time or ‘temp’ job to fund travel or just have a good time, then we have listed your options below.

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Professional Jobs

If you’ve come to London to get higher on the career ladder you’re not alone – when it comes to corporate careers, it’s the place to be. Having experience working in London will also give you a lot of career kudos when returning home, not to mention the negotiating-power you’ll gain simply by listing ‘London’ on your CV.

Almost all industries have a presence in London, but some of the most common areas that people move to London to pursue include banking, media, government and health, and PR/marketing/sales.

Part Time and Temp Jobs

So you’ve left wherever you’re from to move to London for a year or two and you couldn’t think of anything worse than a full-time job right now? No worries! You want to be able to enjoy the travel while you’re over here, so a flexible job can be fantastic to organise around trips that you want to do, and you can work as many hours as you need to save up for whatever you want! You might actually find something that you really enjoy too, so the world is your oyster!

You can usually find temp work in almost all professions, but here are some of the most common flexible jobs to allow you to live the London life that you want.

Pub Work

Nothing says ‘London’ more than working in a pub, that’s for sure! If you’re looking for live-in work try the Workabout website or the ever-trusty Gumtree, which will also have many live-in jobs listed. The pay can be quite low for these kinds of jobs as they include accommodation (around £100 per week) but if you’re looking to party and make loads of new friends, then it just might be the job for you!

Teaching Assistant

Even if you’ve never worked with kids before you can still work as a teaching assistant in the UK. You’ll need to apply for your Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check which takes about 3 weeks, but after this you could be earning upwards of £350 per week working in various schools around the city. Most of the placements are with special needs kids, so you’ll need to be patient and have a passion for children. It can be a great job for the right person and best of all you get free lunches and you get to knock off at 4pm every day! There’s lots of agencies that recruit for Teaching Assistant jobs, but to get yourself started try the Jobs In Education website.

Temp Admin Work

If you have admin or secretarial/PA experience then you can earn quite a good hourly rate (£10 upwards) for temp office work around the city. One day you might find yourself at a Bank in the prestigious City of London, the next at a PR company in Soho. Secs and the City are a good agency that can help with your search.


If you are an experienced child-minder you can easily register with any of the large agencies when you arrive in London and link up with families looking for a nanny. Competition can be tight, but if you have solid experience and enthusiasm then the perks can be extremely lucrative!

Anything and Everything!

None of these options sound like you? There’s still loads of weird and wonderful jobs in London – from exotic massage, to sign-holder, pamphlet deliverer and secret shopper! Take a look at the jobs section of Gumtree as this is where most of these type jobs are advertised.


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