Living In London For A Year

Planning on living in London for a year? Congratulations – you will walk a well worn path that many fellow expats have wandered down. The great thing about London is that it’s set up perfectly for expats and travellers – it is easy to visit, stay a while and move along when your course finishes, work contract ends or your money runs out!

Living in London for a year needn’t be a hassle either – in fact, it’s so simple! London is such a transient city, with so many people coming and going, that it sometimes feels like a whole city of travellers!

Here are my tips for anyone dreaming of living in London for a year:

  • Gumtree is your bible. If you don’t know what it is, Google it now! This is where you will find a room to rent, a job, and anything you need to buy cheaply for your flat.
  • Move into a house where you know no-one. Yes, this will be scary, but within a few weeks you’ll have a group of new¬†friends¬†and have people to hang with at the weekend!
  • Don’t waste any time! You only have a year, so make the most of it – get out every weekend, and a couple of nights a week to try out bars, galleries, restaurants, parks and just take in the atmosphere. London is one awesome city, so try to see it all!
  • Don’t expect to save any money here. London is an expensive place to live, and if you only have a year to spend here, then say ‘To hell with it!’ and get out there and spend your hard earned cash enjoying it!
  • When you decide you want to leave all you really need to do is find a replacement for your room, sell your stuff, quit your job and then off you go! But you may just decide you want to stay, in which case, just keep living the dream!

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