Living In London Playlist

London is known for a lot of things, including it’s great music scene. From rock gigs in Camden, to hip hop in the East End, London has it all.

Not only has there been amazing talent come from London – think David Bowie, Coldplay, Elton John, Lily Allen, Eurythmics and the Sex Pistols, but it’s just a great place to live if you love music. There is always a concert or something musical going on every night of the week, so if you love to sing, dance or just listen, you will love London! No matter what your music tastes, once you make the move to the UK capital, you need to compile yourself a living in London playlist.

When you are cruising around London you will be thankful for your living in London playlist. As most of us Londoners seem to get around on foot or by tube, music definitely comes in handy for those rush our commutes.

To help you get started I have compiled a list of tunes for your living in London playlist. This includes artists and bands from London as well as songs about our great city from people that just love the place. Happy listening!

The Ultimate Living In London Playlist

  • London Calling, The Clash
  • LDN, Lily Allen
  • West End Girls, Pet Shop Boys
  • Stay Too Long, Plan B
  • Posh Birds, Example
  • Wannabe, Spice Girls
  • Satisfaction, Rolling Stones
  • Don’t Stop Me Now, Queen
  • Nancy Boy, Placebo
  • Rabbit Heart, Florence and the Machine
  • Canned Heat, Jamiroquai
  • Sweet Dreams, Eurythmics
  • Dance wiv me, Dizzee Rascal
  • Ouch, N Dubz
  • London, Third Eye Blind
  • Hometown Glory, Adele
  • Warwick Avenue, Duffy
  • Born Slippy, Underworld
  • Galang, MIA
  • The City, Ed Sheeran
  • American Boy, Estelle and Kanye West
For other great London playlists, check out the following links here where you can also click through to purchase tracks.