London Buses

Another feather in London’s public transport hat is definitely the London buses network. It’s huge! No matter where you end up living there will no doubt be a bus within 5 minutes walk that can take you either right into the city or your nearest tube station. The only downside is of course the traffic, which can be quite horrendous at times. But, if it’s for a short journey or a late night trip home then buses are definitely the way to go.

Which brings me to night London buses – You will definitely come to rely on night buses and they have certainly saved many a drunken Londoner from a cold and lonely walk home in the early hours of the morning. Not all bus routes are night routes, but most suburbs have a night bus servicing them.

There is no one London buses map due to the sheer size of the network, but if you head to the Transport for London website you will be able to search the area you are travelling in and it will tell you which buses are within in. Additionally, at bus stops there are printed maps showing all bus routes within that area and the stop number you need to wait at to head in a certain direction, for example you may need to wait at bus stop D for all buses heading towards Piccadilly Circus.

As with the tube and train networks, London buses also accept Oyster card (London travel card) and paper tickets. Additionally, you can purchase single bus tickets on most buses, or at the bus stop itself for £2.20. You can also purchase special bus travel cards allowing you travel on the whole network for just under £18 per week. For more information on fares check out my London Travel Costs page.

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