London Climate

The London climate gets a bad wrap owing to it’s bitterly cold and grey winters, but a lot of people would be surprised to hear that the London climate can actually be pretty good sometimes! Sure, the winters are cold, but compared to other parts of Europe they are quite mild, so just be thankful that the mercury only dips below zero a few degrees rather than hitting -40 like in parts of Russia and Scandinavia!

London Climate – Is It Really That Bad?!

I actually don’t mind the winters here – at first I found them really hard having come from Australia’s warm climate, but once I realised that you just need to layer and be prepared for the cold, I’ve found the freezing days easy to handle. General winter temperatures in the city range from -5 to 10C (23 – 50F), with around 2-10 days seeing mild snow fall.

Never fear though, as during Spring and Summer London comes alive, and it really is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities to live in when everyone’s out enjoying a beer in the sun and making the most of longer hours of sunlight after work. During Summer you can expect temperatures around 18-25C (65 – 77F) most days, and there is usually a few days upwards of 28c (83F) each year. The heat is much different in London though, and while some might baulk at 25C (77F) it can feel a lot hotter than that due to humidity and being on stuffy public transport.

For an up to date weather forecasts for London, I find the BBC weather website to be quite reliable.

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