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Moving home is a big moment in anyone’s life, and no less when that move equals moving to London! Depending on the distance you are travelling to London, the London flights available, and the number of belongings you are bringing with you, you may choose to either use a London removals company, organise longer term air or boat shipping or simply bring your things with you by car or plane.

London Removals Information

Moving To London With A Removal Company

There’s no doubt that moving to London with the help of a removal company is the most convenient option, however this can be expensive, so depending on the amount of things you have you may choose to employ an international or local removals company to help. They will usually provide you with support throughout the whole moving process – including packing, transport and unloading.

Moving To London With Shipping

If a removal company is out of your budget or you only have a small number of items to be moved then shipping to London might be the right thing for you. If you don’t mind your belongings arriving a little later then you can save a lot of money – you can choose the time frames depending on your price bracket, and also whether your things are picket up and packed for you, or whether you do this yourself.

Moving To London Transporting Your Own Belongings

If you don’t plan on taking a lot of things with you to London then you are lucky – you will probably be able to simply pack your suitcases and away you go! While airlines differ on their checked-in luggage rules, if you get in touch with a few before you leave you may be able to negotiate a higher allowance for a small fee, or even for free! I personally know people who have done this successfully many times, so it’s definitely worth a shot!

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