London Trains

Not only do Londoner’s have the convenience of extensive tube and bus networks in London, the city is also serviced by overground London trains, including the London Overground, Docklands Light Railway and National Rail systems which make London more accessible than ever.

London Trains – Overground

The London Overground is the city’s urban rail network and it consists 5 lines, including the East London Line; the Gospel Oak to Barking Line; the North London Line; the West London Line and the Watford DC Line, and from 2012 the South London Line will also be added to the network.

Some Overground stations are shared with tube stations, making the entire London transportation network very user friendly and accessible. the map below shows the coverage of each of the 5 lines.

London Trains

Docklands Light Railway

The DLR as it’s known services South East London and like the train network, also links in with some tube stations. The DLR is an automated electrical light rail service, so you can sit up front and pretend you’re the driver – one of the things that everyone needs to experience at least once living in London!

The parts of London serviced by the DLR are shown in the map below.

London Trains

National Rail

The National Rail is the railway system servicing the whole of the UK, including London. The system includes multiple railway operators depending on the area of the UK they travel to, with most journeys originating or terminating in London. For example, South West Trains operate from Waterloo station and service the region to the south west of London.

The entire system is huge as you can imagine and operates from a multitude of railways stations in London, the most common including Kings Cross, Waterloo, Paddington, Clapham Junction, Euston, London Bridge and Liverpool Street. For specific journeys and London areas, please refer to the National Rail website for detailed maps and further information.


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