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Removals Company

Whether they are coming to attend university or starting a job, multitudes of people move to London every year, and those who land there don’t often stay put. London is alive with people moving in and around, chasing jobs, and trying to get on the property ladder.

People moving from rural areas are likely to feel shock on arriving in London, even if they are excited about the prospect of living there. Even people from other cities may find it a difficult adjustment, as London has a busy, larger-than-life feel to it that other locations in the UK don’t have. It is also the most expensive place to live. Rent for a one-bedroom flat in modest areas of London can be double or even triple its equivalent in other parts of the country. In affluent areas, such as the West End or Chelsea, rent is even higher. However, pay scales in London are proportionate to average living costs in the area. People who don’t have a lot of things or need much space often look into house or flat shares.

Whether you are moving from a further location or from within London, it may be easiest to use a removals company, as they pack and transport everything for you. If you are moving for a job based in the city, suburbs in any direction are accessible, but you will want to map your potential commute and preferably do a dummy run for it before you sign a lease. Commutes to Central London average at least an hour, and the further out you are, the more time it takes. Living in an outer area of London will also increase your travel costs. However, in further-reaching areas, the morning trains are quieter, and you will be more likely to get a seat and have a comfortable commute.

When choosing a place to live in London, proximity is not always everything. As you can’t get into Central London by car in peak times due to the Congestion Charge and traffic gridlock, you’ll end up depending on the trains. Doing some research on the quickest routing can yield huge benefits. For example, you may find a direct train running from the flat you are interested in to your workplace door