There is nothing quite like living in London. With a seemingly never-ending range of different things to do and attractions to see, the only thing that can let you down is the weather. For those working in London, with so much to possibly get up to in this fabulous city, and only the weekends to spare as free time to explore these treats, much is ultimately missed out on. What is then needed is a guide on some interesting ways to spend a weekend in London.


One of the – often under appreciated – aspects of London is the city’s fantastic cuisine. Down to the high level of multiculturalism that brings the foods of a plethora of different backgrounds and traditions together into one city, London is a hotpot of world gastronomy.

From authentic and delicious Indian food to distinct South Korean or East African dishes, there are a number of great restaurants to dine out in. That’s not forgetting some superb spots serving traditional Southern England food.

The Corner Room in Bethnal Green serves modern Portuguese and European food and is one of the city’s finest restaurants. A day out anywhere near to East London must include a visit to this fine restaurant.


With so much happening in and around the centre of London, it is not unusual for those living in the city to forsake a few of the crown jewels that can be found along the periphery of the capital.

Kempton Park, to be found online at is a prime example of this. This ground has been home to many classic and truly memorable horse races and is an institution to the sport. A day out in Kempton can hardly be bettered and therefore it is advisable for those living in London to take a trip and watch the races here.

In addition to being able to watch a fantastic horse race at Kempton, there are also concerts hosted in the arena, as well as family days out and some top class food.


Dubbed a ‘secret museum’ due to its relevant obscurity in connotation to its worth, the Freud Museum is a British relic that seemingly goes unnoticed by most Londoners. This was where the Father of Psychology ‘Sigmund Freud’ hid while escaping Nazi prosecution.

Based in North West London, near Finchley Road tube station the Freud Museum is the very house Freud resided in after escaping from Germany to London. Visit to see the couch on which psychoanalysis was born or the great thinker’s study and library.