5 Things To Consider When Moving To London

When moving to London there are many things to consider, as choosing to relocate is a big decision involving cost, time and organising accommodation.

Here are five things to consider before you move:

Plan your accommodation

Finding accommodation in London can be difficult if you are looking for low priced accommodation as property prices can be expensive. Researching different areas in depth is a good way to start as you will see a difference in price between each area.

If you are looking for accommodation on a budget, it is important that you look into flat shares as it will be much more reasonable for you to contribute towards rent, than it will be for you to pay the total amount per month.



In London, it is very easy to get from place to place but this can also be a costly process. The tube system is the best way to travel in London as it allows you to take a trip to any area within a short period of time.


The bus system is also very reliable as there are bus stops in all areas, almost every few minutes making all areas of the city very accessible during both night and day.


Roads are very busy in London so if you are prepared to deal with the queues during peak rush hour times then you will be able to travel to any destination.


London also has fantastic cycling routes which allow you to get around whilst exercising at the same time. Many workers in London commute to work as it saves them a substantial amount in fuel and transport costs.


With a fantastic wealth of shops including many high-end designer stores, theatres, monuments and the superb Buckingham Palace there are many things to do that will ensure you won’t be bored. If you do your research there are also many free activities to be found in the city!


If you are looking to move to a big city to find more work, London is home to many industries and provides great opportunities for people at graduate level to more experienced workers.


If you are looking to improve your knowledge of history and cultures London is home to many museums and exhibition centres which will allow you to improve and expand your knowledge. If you are looking to take a degree or gain new qualifications there are also many establishments that can help you achieve your goals.

This article was provided by Robinsons Removals; specialists in London Removals and home removals services across the UK.

A Search for the Oldest Pub in London

The concept of the pub was first established in Britain by the Romans, who had public houses called Tabernae where food, wine and ale were sold. These alehouses were built all over the country as in the Middle Ages the industrial pollution was so bad that the ale was safer to drink than the water!

The pub became the meeting place for the local community, where you could sit with your neighbours and enjoy a refreshing drink and a warm meal. These days, as you will discover when you visit on a UK visa, pubs are still a huge part of British culture and are popular hangouts for people young and old.

London still has some drinking establishments which have been serving pints of lager ever since the Middle Ages. However, there is some contention over which of these historical public houses can be considered the oldest in the city. Sometimes a pub has had the same name and has been in the same location for many centuries, but the building itself has been rebuilt several times as it has been destroyed by fire or other natural disasters over the years. Should it be considered the same pub?

Here are some of the finalists for the title of “Oldest Pub in London” and why they are worth visiting:

The George Inn

This pub is located in Southwark near London Bridge and was rebuilt in 1676 after being damaged in a fire. Unfortunately, a section of The George Inn was taken down when the Great Northern Railway needed room for warehouses. However, the south face was left in its original condition and is protected by the National Trust. Charles Dickens was a frequent visitor to The George Inn and he even mentions it in “Little Dorrit”.

The Prospect of Whitby

This pub was built in 1543 and was originally known as “The Devil’s Tavern”. It was a notorious hangout for smugglers and was destroyed in a fire in the 18th century. It was rebuilt and given its current name after a ship which was anchored nearby.

The interior of this pub provides the visitor with a fascinating collection of relics from old ships, including ropes, wheels, lanterns and even parts of a ship’s mast, so it is certainly worth a visit while you are here in your UK visa.

The Lamb and Flag

This is another pub which claims to be the oldest in London. It is said to have held a license as a pub since the early 17th century, but the bricks on the front have been rebuilt in the 1800s. It is likely that the old Timber framed building was encased in brick to strengthen it. The Lamb and Flag can be found in Covent Garden.

The Seven Stars

This historical pub is located behind the Royal Courts of Justice and is now frequented by lawyers. This pub is rumored to have been built in 1602 and it one of the rare buildings to have survived the Great Fire of 1666. It is thought that the name came from the “League of the Seven Stars” which refers to the seven provinces of The Netherlands. It could also refer to the Pleiades, which is a cluster of stars in the constellation of Taurus.

These are just a few of the pubs that are in the running for the oldest in London. If these walls could talk they would have a lot of stories to tell, so if you are visiting London on a UK visa why not enjoy a pint within the comforting embrace of these century’s old drinking establishments?

Author Bio

Kelly Dunning is a freelance writer for Global Visas, the world’s leading authority on immigration. She spent a year living abroad in England on a UK visa and she loved soaking up the atmosphere of the old historical pubs.

A Book Lover’s Guide To London

If your idea of a perfect afternoon is curled up by the fire with a good book, London has a lot to offer you. This city has a long and fascinating literary history and it has been the setting for many great works of fiction. London is one of those major world cities which have inspired the imagination of writers for hundreds of years, so when you are staying here on a UK visa there will be many literary attractions to see.

Here are some must-see stops on a bibliophile’s day out in London:

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Pub

This old pub, located on Fleet Street, has been at this location since 1538 and was reconstructed after the Great Fire of 1666. Its age ensures that it has been visited by many important literary figures and it is said that Alfred Tennyson, Mark Twain, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, G.K. Chesterton, Oliver Goldsmith and Charles Dickens were all “regulars” there. Also the Rhymer’s Club, a group of London poets which included William Butler Yeats, used to meet at the Cheshire Cheese in the 1890s.

From the gloomy wood-paneled interior it is easy to imagine that Dickens would have been inspired to write about some of his darker characters there. He even alludes to the pub in his famous novel “A Tale of Two Cities.” Enjoy a pint in this dark and old fashioned pub, surrounded by the ghosts of some of the city’s greatest writers.

The British Library Reading Room

This modern Brick building near King’s Cross and St. Pancras might not look like much, but inside you will find the Sir John Ritblat Gallery which is one of the greatest treasure troves of the written word on earth.

Bibliophile hearts will race upon seeing first drafts of James Joyce works, complete with the author’s heavy scribbling, or a 600 year old manuscript entitled “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” which was one of the first illustrated books in the English language. This library also holds one of the only four original copies of the Magna Carta in the world as well as the old crumpled slip of paper on which John Lennon first jotted down the lyrics to “Help”.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

One of the greatest writers in Britain’s history is immortalized in this recreation of a real life Elizabethan theatre. During the summer months you can see his plays performed on the open air stage, but if there are no plays while you are there you can still check out the museum dedicated to the life and times of the famous playwright.

Book Shopping

Visiting all of these vital literary attractions has probably got you in the mood to sink your teeth into a great book, so why not spend the rest of the day perusing some of London’s best bookshops? If you are living in the city for a while on a UK visa you can build up a bookshelf of your own favorite novels.

Primrose Hill Books is a local favourite and writers such as Ian MacEwan have been known to drop in for readings. Review is also a great book lover’s hangout with outdoor seating and chess and backgammon sets.

For the most selection, the enormous Waterstone’s Piccadilly is the largest bookshop in Europe with eight floors and more than 13km of book shelves. Foyles is another famous London bookshop, with a funky jazz cafe and an art gallery.

These are just a few of the best literary hotspots for avid readers in London. While you are exploring the city while visiting on a UK visa make sure you bring your favourite London novel with you so that you have something to read while on the tube!

Author Bio

Kelly Dunning is a lifelong bibliophile and a freelance writer for Global Visas, the world’s leading authority on immigration. If you are interested in living in London, contact them to find out more information about UK visas.

Living Healthy In London

Are you living in London on a UK visa and want to make your lifestyle a little bit healthier? It doesn’t take long to unearth the healthy side of London and in no time you will be looking slimmer, feeling great and making new friends along the way.

The Best Jogging Routes in London

Load up your iPod with inspiring tunes and hit the path for an invigorating jog!

Thames Path, which stretches from central London out to the suburbs, is considered one of the most scenic jogs in Europe. This 180 mile path runs along the River Thames straight through the heart of this beautiful city, giving you a view of Tower Bridge, Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament.

Another great place to go for a jog is Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, which is the largest green space in Central London. The outer circuit is 4.25 miles and takes you past Kensington Palace and the Princess Diana Memorial.

Want to feel like you are out in the picturesque English countryside without having to leave London? Go for a run along the Hampstead Loop. The run begins in Hampstead and climbs up into Hampstead Heath, which is a green hilly woodland park offering beautiful views of the city.

Top Notch Gyms in London


What if it is wintertime and the rainy British weather is making a jog through the park sound not-so-appealing? Instead, you could join one of the many gyms in London.

The Central YMCA, located on Great Russell Street, is one of the most popular in the city since it has very low membership rates. It also has an excellent Pilates studio, more than enough cardio machines and even climbing and volleyball facilities.

If you are looking for a hip urban gym with the atmosphere of a funky nightclub, check out Gymbox on High Holburn. This popular gym has a full size boxing ring, a spinning studio an impressive free weights area and even a Lady Gaga themed workout class!

Love to dance? Check out Danceworks on Balderton St. It offers the largest selection of dance classes in Europe with over 160 different dance workouts to choose from.

Fun Sports Clubs in London

Sometimes it can be discouraging to work out on your own and joining a team can be more effective to motivate yourself to get into shape. It can also be a great way to make friends when you arrive on a UK visa.

If course there are plenty of the conventional amateur football, cricket and rugby groups that you could join, but why not think outside the box?

Ladies, check out the freewheeling world of Women’s Roller Derby. This tough and high paced sport will have you flying around a track trying to pass the other team, while they throw up their arms to block your way. London Roller Girls offers boot camps and has a Rec League which is open to complete beginners as well as seasoned skaters.

If you loved the movie “Fight Club” you can actually join “The Real Fight Club” in London near Liverpool Street Station. This boxing oriented gym teaches traditional boxing techniques to beginners as well as advanced fighters.

The Healthiest Restaurants in London

When you want to fuel up on healthy food after your workout, head to one of the locations of the salad bar chain ‘Tossed” where you will find freshly made salads, wraps, soups, sandwiches and fruit smoothies, all rich with valuable nutrients and vitamins.

In Covent Garden you will find the World Food Café which is a great place to try some healthy vegetarian dishes from around the world including India, Turkey, Mexico and Africa. If you have some serious cash to spend, a pricy but high quality choice is Cassis Bistro in South Kensington. The menu of this restaurant was created by celebrity personal trainer Matt Roberts and each main course has less than 400 calories and plenty of healthy fats and “slow release” energy foods.

With so many great jogging trails, gyms, sports groups and healthy restaurants, living in London on a UK visa is a fantastic opportunity to get in shape and look your best!

Author Bio

Kelly Dunning is a freelance writer for Global Visas, the world’s leading immigration authority. To find out more about how you can obtain a UK visa to live in London, contact them today!

Top Musicals At The London Dominion Theatre

As the Olympic games fast approach in London, the city is buzzing with excitement. A favourite for tourists year round, there are many popular destinations including historical sites, shops and restaurants. The Dominion Theatre is in the heart of the action and should be included on the itinerary for anyone stopping in the city. With a wide variety of shows, the musicals really shine. There are many favourites lined up this year and travellers can obtain theatre tickets without a problem. It is well worth considering an evening of entertainment in a wonderful setting as the music swells and guests are transported to another time and place.

At the top of the list is “Rock of Ages.” The show keeps the crowds coming in. Filled with rock ballads from the ’80’s, it has gained fresh momentum with the movie of the same name playing in theatres now. This is definitely a night of pure delight. “We Will Rock You,” London’s longest running show, is another that brings in popular music from the past and incorporates it into the program. Fans are sure to sing along.

Other great favourites that have been a movie first or after the musical production include “Mamma Mia!” and “Ghost the Musical.” “Singin’ in the Rain” is a fantastic classic while “Stomp” has the audience pumped with energy and excitement at every show. “Thriller Live!” will have fans thinking the King of Pop lives again for a brief time in the Dominion Theatre.

For those who want a taste of something purely British, “Let it Be!” is a tribute to the Beatles and their 50 year anniversary. The story of their career is recreated, set to the soundtrack of their top hits. It truly is a blast from the past.

There’s something for everyone at the dominion theatre, and children are not left out. “Disney’s the Lion King,” “Shrek the Musical,” and “The Wizard of Oz,” are absolute favourites. Families should plan on theatre tickets to catch one of these phenomenal shows.

Take a spin on a classic with the “Wicked.” This smash musical production, based on the bestselling novel of the same name, shares the story of the witches, Glenda and the Wicked Witch of the West. Talk about problems between sisters! The musical score and excellent acting often brings people back for a second or third time at the show. The Dominion Theatre does not disappoint.


Where to Stay for the London 2012 Olympics: Euston

Are you planning on travelling in the capital this summer to take part in British history and attend the London 2012 Olympics? With your tickets reserved and train journeys now open for booking, consider staying at Travelodge Euston for a centrally located base.

From London Euston, just 0.1 of a mile from Travelodge Euston, trains run directly to Stratford for convenient access to the Olympic Stadium.

The journey takes approximately 40 minutes and, once you have arrived, the stadium is just a short 15 minute stroll away. Alternatively, if you want to take a taxi, you can reach the games in less than five minutes from Stratford station.

When you aren’t busy helping to create sporting history, make the most of your time in London and visit attractions close to your Travelodge Euston hotel.

Within walking distance you will find Baker Street, home to the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

This world famous side road has boasted some infamous residents over time, in addition to Holmes himself. Ke

Living In London

ep an eye out for Danger Mouse and Basil the Great Mouse Detective, if you are travelling with youngsters or big kids.

Regents Park – located directly behind Baker Street – is one of the nine Royal Parks in the city. The beautiful gardens here are sensationally striking and perfect for picnics in the sun.

There’s no need to pack your own, there are a number of eateries throughout the grounds including cafés, dairy carts and The Honest Sausage selling free range bacon and sausage sarnies.

Be the envy of your friends and pay a visit to meet Rihanna at Madame Tussauds. Again, within a mile of the Travelodge Euston hotel, you can easily walk to this treasured attraction.

The wax figures on show change regularly, but expect to see a collection of fictional characters, world leaders, Hollywood stars, musical celebrities and sporting heroes.

Book your Travelodge Euston hotel now for a varied Olympics visit to the city.

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London Scavenger Hunt

On the 7th of July at 11am Rosetta Stone and City Socialising are organising a scavenger hunt around London. Clues will be broadcast on Twitter, under the hashtag #makefriends2012. The hunt will take you to all corners of the city and hopefully some places you are yet to discover in this fine city of ours. There will be music along the way, and best of all it’s free to join! And because Rosetta Stone is a leading provider of language courses, the hunt will include music and art from all around the world.

While the name of the game is to triumph at the scavenger hunt itself, what this day is really about is meeting new people and hopefully going home with some new mates at the end of the day. The fact that most competitors will end up at the pub by the end should take care of that! And if making new friends isn’t enough, for the cunning winner of the challenge, they will go home with two return tickets to anywhere in the world! Hello, Australia!

You need to go to the events Facebook page in order to register for the event before the day, and the first clue will be released at 11.01am on Saturday the 7th.

I hear from a trusted source that things will kick off in Central London, so you might want to plan to start there…You need to think about your strategy, people!

It’s going to be an amazing chance to get out and see more of the city this summer, especially with the Olympics coming up there’s such a buzzy vibe here, so if you are going to be around, definitely check it out! Now all we have to worry about is the weather…come on London, help a scavenger out already!

Happy hunting!

Cheap Evenings Out In London

Going for a night out in London can be very expensive, even before you factor in transport costs. One of the most expensive cities in the world, London can have a damaging effect on your wallet. However, it is possible to have cheap evenings out in London without over spending. Crucial to doing so is being able to source out the right deals, while also knowing where to look to find consistently rewarding nights out. Much of this information can be found online, and can be used to plan trips and organise the right kind of activities for different parts of the week. Some of the best cheap evenings out in London include:

Cheap Evenings Out In London – Talks and Lectures

Most of London’s top universities and colleges hold regular free talks and lectures in the evenings. These talks can usually be found online and through mailing lists, and can range from everything from insights into the latest scientific discovery through to chats about the future of the British economy. The London School of Economics and University College London are excellent first stops for these kinds of talks. Moreover, many of London’s museums hold free ‘After Dark’ talks on their collections. Book early to make sure you don’t miss out on these, as they ca

n sell out quickly.

Cheap Evenings Out In London – Cheap Theatre Tickets

Although London’s West End theatres can be expensive, it is possible to pick up regular documents on different shows. The best way to do so is to look online for special discounts or packages for major shows like Ghost or Les Miserables, while taking advantage of last minute deals. Many theatres outside of the main West End circuit also offer cheap theatre tickets. Particularly recommended are the Sadler’s Wells Theatre and the Barbican Arts Centre. Other theatres like the Donmar Warehouse and the National Theatre also offer cheaper performances and recitals from time to time.

Cheap Evenings Out In London – Cheaper Cinema Tickets

Many of the cinemas in the centre of the West End do tend to be very expensive, with ticket prices approaching the £15 mark. It is possible though to find cheaper alternatives around both the West End and outlying boroughs. The Prince Charles Theatre by Leicester Square runs regular promotions, and is particularly notable for its special screening nights and audience participation. It is also worth looking out for regular series of ‘pop up’ cinemas around the East End of London, which represent temporary exhibitions.

Cheap Evenings Out In London – Cheaper Clubs

Several clubs offer discounted entry and cheaper nights. In the West End, clubs like Moonlighting on Greek Street in Soho provide cheaper nights, while clubs in East London like East Bloc on City Road and the Star of Bethnal Green on Bethnal Green Road are cheaper on average than other clubs in central London.

Cheap Evenings Out In London – General Cost Savings

The easiest way to cut down on the cost of going for a night out in London is to venture outside central London and the West End. East London is the best option for doing so, with many clubs, restaurants, pubs and bars located around Shoreditch, Whitechapel and Hackney.

Areas like Brick Lane in Whitechapel also feature 24 hour eating and dancing options.

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What’s On In London This February

Living In LondonWe’re right in the thick of winter now, and New Years seems so long ago…the great thing about February is that it’s a short month, and you’re likely to have a little more cash to splash than January when you’re still getting over the Christmas hangover. Good news! Check out all the things you can fill your time with this month in the capital – and if you happen to be in love, come mid-month, it’s even better!

Pure London12th-14th, Olympia. Nuts for fashion? Head down to the UK’s biggest fashion trade at Olympia in Kensington to nab some bargains, whatever your style.

Valentine’s DayTuesday 14th – Whether you’ve been shot by Cupid’s arrow, or you’re saying to hell with Hallmark day, there’s something for everyone on the 14th. Romantic dinners, clubbing, bondage nights – whatever your cup of tea, London has it. Check out sites like Toptable and Time Out for details.

London Fashion Week18th-19th, Various Locations. Every February the Fashion rat pack flock to the streets of London to showcase their designs for the year ahead, and nabbing a ticket to one of the shows is your golden ticket to fashion paradise! There are many shows planned during the weekend and the surrounding days, so beg, steal or borrow to get yourself there!

Who Do You Think You Are Live24th-26th, Olympia – Fancy tracing your ancestors back through the centuries? Find out how to go about it at this live version of the popular TV show.

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The Best Honeymoon Destinations In The UK

Found love in London and wanting to walk down the isle amongst the British Countryside? Look no further! The UK has some of the worlds most stunning honeymoon locations – you needn’t have to worry about the stress of an overseas holiday when there are such great places to see right here in Blighty!

Here are some of the best honeymoon destinations in the UK.

Bath – Live like the Romans did for your honeymoon and bathe, relax and enjoy your new found marital bliss!

The Cotswold’s – Nestled amongst some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll ever see, the Cotswold’s region of England is only a short drive from London, and there are many luxury castles and hotels to stay in.

Brighton – Fancy a beach honeymoon in the UK? Brighton is the place! Fit in some shopping, a stay in one of the city’s Boutique Hotels, meals at Michelin star restaurants and you’ll have the honeymoon you always dreamed of!

Cornwall – Smell the fresh see air and wander the beautiful coastline of Cornwall  – St Ives is a favourite of honeymooners and there are many swanky hotels and restaurants to choose from in the area, making it perfect honeymoon fodder!

Edinburgh – The Scottish capital makes for a perfect city honeymoon – stay in one of the best hotels in the country and wander the streets, taking in the history and atmosphere.

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