Taxis In London

You are never short of taxis in London, that’s for sure. With the iconic London black cabs and also the lesser known ‘mini-cab’ services throughout the city, you can always be assured that you will get from A to B, no matter the delays affecting the tube or train networks. These two types of taxi services differ quite a lot, so here’s everything you need to know about each.

Taxis In London – London Black Cabs

Black cabs are one of London’s most recognised trademarks, and so they should be – their drivers study up to 5 years learning ‘The Knowledge’: a test required by all black bad drivers in the city. And they sure know their stuff, which is one of the great things about jumping in one – the driver will always know the quickest route to get you to where you need to be, and will most likely tell you some very entertaining stories along the way!

This great service does come at a little more cost though – in general black cabs will cost you more per journey than booking a mini-cab, but black cabs can be more convenient if you’re waiting out on the street in the rain and need to be somewhere fast! And, they are such a fun experience, so definitely take yourself on a black cab ride at least once while you’re living in London.

Taxis In London – London Mini-Cabs

Mini-cabs make up pretty much any other taxi service in London that isn’t a black cab, and they are quite different in that all mini-cabs must be pre-booked – they don’t drive around the streets looking for passengers, so if you want to book one, you’ll need to call them first or walk into one of their shop fronts to order a car.

They are generally cheaper than black cabs, and are much more economical for longer trips, or trips that you are planning in advance. There are hundreds of mini cab companies in London, and you’ll no doubt see them as you walk around the city streets. Dont expect black cab service though – these drivers haven’t passed ‘The Knowledge’ so you may have to help them with directions, or be at the peril of their GPS!

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