Top 5 Musicals To See On A Trip To London

London is an exciting city, full of unique sights and sounds and a plethora of things to do; one of its many qualities is its excellent ability to put on a show. London’s West End has some of the finest musical productions to be seen anywhere across the globe, and these top 5 musicals to see on a trip to London all play their part in contributing to this fact:

Top 5 Musicals To See On A Trip To London –  The Lion King

Relive this Disney classic on stage at the Lyceum Theatre; with a stunning production value, creatively-charged direction, and a seismic amount of heart and charm, The Lion King is one of the West End’s most treasured pieces. The story of Simba and Pride Rock is accompanied by all your favourite songs in a craftily-designed production which delivers a spectacular final act and is a roaring triumph.

Top 5 Musicals To See On A Trip To London – Shrek

The whimsical nature of Shrek will appeal to kids of all ages and can be enjoyed equally by their parents. The tale of everyone’s favourite Ogre is a fun production, featuring cheery musical pieces, silly-yet-entertaining costumes and hysterical lead performances. A must-see for the kids, and a great pastiche of panto and fairytale with a healthy dollop of humour added in to make this a perfect blend of entertainment, scaled down to suit everyone.

 Top 5 Musicals To See On A Trip To London – Wicked

Wicked is a creative re-telling of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ from the alternate perception of Elphaba, the infamous Wicked Witch of the West. Playing at the Apollo Theatre in Victoria, Wicked has perhaps one of the most unique and special production values in the West End, with its magical lighting, lavish set designs, and some really stunning theatrical achievements. The music is laced with wit and humour, but when it really gets going, it soars high and fast, and is a truly wonderful spectacle.

Top 5 Musicals To See On A Trip To London – We Will Rock You

This musical will get your heads banging and your feet moving with its quick-fire pace and electrifying atmosphere. Based on the songs of British rock-band ‘Queen’, We Will Rock You is a jukebox musical which is guaranteed to have you tapping your feet to the rhythm throughout the production. A well-structured plot and setting is a great addition to some of the most famous songs in musical history, and the leading cast, each with great singing voices themselves, really do justice to Freddie Mercury’s much-acclaimed rock group.

Top 5 Musicals To See On A Trip To London – The Phantom of the Opera

Haunting, beautiful and absolutely stunning, The Phantom of the Opera caters for a more mature audience, but this production, found at Her Majesty’s Theatre, creates an unforgettable memory and features an impressive score by Andrew Lloyd-Webber. Ranked the highest-grossing entertainment event of all time, the Phantom’s success is unmatched and with its bewitching and transfixing nature, this success doesn’t look likely to end any time soon.

Five fantastic musicals which all come together to showcase London’s West End as one of the greatest entertainment locations in the world; attractive, enjoyable, rousing, rampant and fun, each one of these productions offers an obscene amount of value for money and an absolutely unforgettable experience.

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