UK Work Visas

Ancestry Visa

If you are a Commonwealth citizen and have a grandparent born in the UK then you may be eligible for the ancestry visa. This will allow you to live and work anywhere in the UK for up to 5 years, after which you may apply for permanent settlement.

Tier 1 Highly Skilled Visa

There are 3 types of Tier 1 visas including: Investors, entrepreneurs and workers who have recently finished study in the UK, so if you fit into any of these categories you should check out the UK Home Office Website for the latest entry requirements.

Tier 2 Sponsored Skilled Workers Visa

To be eligible for this visa you must have a job lined up in the UK for which a company has agreed to sponsor you, and also meet a points based requirement. There are 4 types of Tier 2 visas including: General (skilled workers who fill a UK shortage gap), ministers of religion, sportspersons and temporary workers.

Youth Mobility Scheme Visa (Formerly Working Holiday Visa)

If you are from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand or Monaco then you may be able to enter the UK for up to 2 years under the Youth Mobility Scheme whereby your national government acts as your sponsor.

To be eligible you must be between the ages of 18 and 31 and have access to around £1600 when you apply.

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