London is a massive city. It’s jam packed with things to do, places to go and stuff to see. There’s also a bunch of unusual London restaurants that are somewhat less publicized. If you’re relocating to London or lived in the city for a while you eventually tick off all the big attractions and be seeking something a little out of the ordinary. Good news for you, with a little investigative work you uncover some exciting unusual London restaurants that you can show off to your friends!

Show me the Unusual London Restaurants!

The food scene in London is exciting, fun, enticing and very imaginative. You could eat at a different restaurant every day for your whole life in London. As far as unusual London attractions go, food is high on the list. The restaurant scene is ever changing but here some fantastically fun restaurants to get your taste buds salivating and give you a unique and memorable dining experience:

  • Fat Boys Diner – jump into a red telephone box and be transported back to the USA in the 1940’s. Shakes, dogs, burgers and old school jukebox tunes, oh yeah! Show me Fat Boys!
  • Dans Le Noir? – For those who don’t speak French, this translates to ‘In the Black?’. Not the food though, it’s creative and delicious. There is one catch though, you’ll be dining in the dark – pitch black dark. It’s a amazing how you other senses will take over when you can’t see. Also, you’ll be waited on by blind people. Welcome to their world, it’s a amazing for just one meal! Eat in the dark!
  • Garlic & Shots – Alert! Not safe for vampires! I’d also recommend that you stay away if you are on a first date. Everything has garlic and if you inclined, you can double up, triple up, quadruple up… you get the picture. Just don’t dare ask for less garlic! While you’re there you can sample a few of the 101 vodka shots! Enjoy Garlic NOW!
  • Paul Rothe and Sons – Fancy a little British dining history? Part cafe, part deli this restaurant has been here since 1900. Yes, a little history please.
  • Bonnington Cafe – Do you like surprises? In this unusual London restaurant there’s a different volunteer cook every night. The menu is constantly changing and the menu is vegetarian but you’ll sorted with 3 courses for £13 – YOU CAN NOT BEAT THAT! Surprise me! 

OK, there’s five unusual London restaurants to get you started! Do you have any favourites? There is loads more and over the next few months will be lifting the lid on them. Tell us your recommendation or if you own a restaurant and would like to be added to the list, get in touch!

Happy Eating Londoners!