Weird London

London may have all the ‘mainstream’ attractions like Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, but it’s also home to the weird and wonderful too. For a different day out in London why not try one of these slightly unusual ideas?

Highgate Cemetery

The resting place of many well-known British artists, the Highgate Cemetery was, and still is, the place to be buried. The grounds feature some beautiful Gothic headstones and statues, and you can wander along the ivy-framed pathways reading the many stories of the people who rest there. Purchase a map at reception for the locations of the most popular tombs and graves.

Old Operating Theatre Museum

This operating theatre is the oldest in Europe and features olden day medical tools and this history of the operating table. It has some extremely weird and quite disturbing tales to tell – maybe not for the weak of stomach, but a very interesting day out in London indeed!

Dans Le Noir

Translated to English, this restaurant in Farringdon equates to ‘In the dark’ – and it does exactly what it says on the tin! One of the most original restaurant concepts in London, you literally eat in the pitch black dark, while being served by blind waiters who lead you to your table and the bathroom, if you need it. Its loads of fun, and very strange – its surprising how much you rely on sight to process what you are tasting. A must for foodies!

Garlic And Shots

As you may have guessed by the name, this place is all about garlic. From their selection of over 100 shots (try the bloodshot which is like a mini Bloody Mary) and their delicious menu featuring American inspired dishes like potato skins with garlic mayonnaise and garlic chicken. The place is quite rock n roll, so break out the black leather and rock out while sampling as many shots as you can handle!

London Tank

In Bermondsey in a quiet street (Mandelay Way) sits an old army tank on a small overgrown piece of land. Legend has it that that tank was placed their by an angry property developer who was refused permission to build her by the local council, and to make things even more interesting, the tanks gun points right towards the very council building in which his application was denied! One of my favorite pieces of art in London.

Viaduct Tavern

Located in Newgate Street in the City of London, this is allegedly London’s most haunted pub. It contains the last remaining cells from the notorious Newgate Prison which once stood where the pub now is, which are now used as beer-cellars!  If you ask behind the bar they might even show you!

Jub Jub Bar

Cocktail bar Callooh Calley really is more than meets the eye. If you happen to find yourself at this Shoreditch drinking den then be sure to wink at the bartender – behind a secret door is the Jub Jub bar, a hidden bar with delicious drinks and beautiful people. If you make a reservation beforehand you’re pretty much guaranteed entry – just make sure you dress up and look the part!


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