Living In London

People often ask me why I wanted to move to cold rainy London when I come from a country of sun and beaches, but for me my love of this city goes far beyond weather. It has always surprised me the bad wrap London gets for it’s weather, it’s all anyone seems to talk about – but what about the fact that it’s a world class city and one of the most exciting places to live on the planet? No one ever seems to mention that, unless of course you live in London.

It definitely feels like a ‘secret club’ sometimes, and no one can ever anticipate the effect London will have on them until they’re living here – there are so many people (including myself!) who have come here planning to stay for a few months or a year, but end up staying for 8 – there’s just something about this place that gets under your skin and takes hold of your heart forever.

So what’s all the fuss about then, why do we all love it so much? For me it’s the eclecticness, the broad spectrum of people, suburbs, restaurants and bars. Anything goes here, but instead of feeling alienated by the homeless man singing on the street, or the eccentrically posh shoppers on Kings Rd, I feel completely at home. You can really let your freak flag fly in London and no one will ever bat an eyelid. I love that you can do anything you please any day of the week – from hard-core clubbing, to afternoon tea and as many galleries, shows and events as you can handle. Or, if you want to cuddle up in front of the TV with some great food then that’s fine too – with all of the great markets and restaurants in the city you’ll be spoilt for choice.

So, you see, London is so much more than it’s climate – and a lot more than just the tourist attractions you see on TV and in magazines – it’s chock full of culture, different people and lots of fun. Even if it does rain sometimes.

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